Arita Toko-kai was established in 1952 as a youth club for potteries registered with the Saga Ceramic Industry Cooperative and the Hizen Ceramic Industry and Commerce Cooperative with the aim of contributing to the cooperation and development of the Arita ware industry.

Corporate Identity

The Tokokai is a group of young pottery makers and people.

A thing consists of a combination of a square, a circle, and a triangle.

Each person has a different way of thinking.

  • The blue color of the square is the color of Arita-yaki's representative dyeing process and the color of the potter's clear mind.
  • The red color of the circle is the color of the flame of the kiln, the color of a youthful, burning group with the idea of harmony and not equality.
  • The green of the triangle is the color of the trees in the mountains of Arita and the color of the young leaves that are about to sprout.


1217, Hokaomachi-hei, Arita-cho, Nishimatuura-gun, Saga, 844-0026
Saga Ceramics Industrial Association
Phone.+81-955-42-3164 Facsimile.+81-955-43-2917

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